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Welcome to ABC NYC CHARTER LIMOUSINE AND CONCIERGE. We have created a company that suits the needs of any traveler or resident of the New York Tri-State area.

We can provide vehicle of all types as well as concierge style assistance In making all of the events of your life easier. ABC CHARTER LIMOUSINE was originally founded by a group of drivers who wanted to cater to the needs of business people who needed help with their busy lifestyle to and fro. As time went on and word got out, people from all walks of life were calling us us asking for transportation both limousine and simple sedan, both prom and business meeting days. We specialize and cater to those who need more than just a driver with a license. An assistant at the wheel and so much more is what we offer. Our drivers have taken everyone from the streets to the suites all over the country and all over New York. We take pride in the fact that the same people call us over and over and again.

We are even happier that many clients request the same drivers each time they need service as the driver is sensitive to the individual needs and wants of each client. We can tailor any pick up to your needs. If you need a nice old fashioned chauffeur to be waiting in baggage claim with a sign with your name on it, just tell us. And if you are constantly on the go and want to jump into the car and go, we can text you while youíre in the air with your driverís name and number so that you can call him and make arrangements for your pickup. We never slickly tell you that weíll meet you outside of baggage claim (which means you will be stuck outside rain, snow or shine, whether you like it or not) which means you have no choice in the matter. All our cars are immaculately clean, with fresh Poland Spring Water, candy, mints and the dayís paper waiting for you in the car.

We have also come to offer a NYC limo tour package which will show you New York as youíve never seen it before. We live here, we were brought up here, and my social club is here. We are not one of those kids who came here from Ohio, took a test and call themselves a "Tour Guide".

My Name is Russell Figaredo and Iím not just a driver in ABC NYC CHARTER LIMOUSINE, Iím the President. Please Google my name to find out the kind of service we provide. After that, try to find the president of any other company and see if you can find them, or more, request them as your driver.


Fax: (718) 476-8300
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